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Finding the right backpack means getting a great fit too!
Everyone is built differently, so many Red Fox backpacks are adjustable.
The end result is comfort, stability & performance!




Don’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, put it on your hips! For a simple webbing waist belt, the bottom of the belt should rest on top of your hip sockets. For a padded belt, the contoured center of the waist belt should cup the pronounced part of your hips (the illiac crest). Tighten until snug.

Adjust Shoulder Straps

Adjusting the shoulder straps properly will insure your back and shoulders don't burn out before your legs do. The straps should form a relaxed curve over your shoulders where they connect to the back of the pack. When adjusting the front of the straps make sure they are equal and pulled snug. Too tight will cause the waist belt to pull up, transferring the weight to your shoulders. Too loose and the pack will fall away from you, stressing your back and creating side-to-side sway.

Adjust the Sternum Strap

The sternum strap combined with our shoulder straps that curve out allow easy breathing while keeping the straps right where you want them. Move the vertical sliders to position the strap where you want it, up or down, then close the buckle and tighten to where it feels comfortable.

Adjust Load Lifter Straps

Load Lifters allow you to fine tune weight distribution and the position of the pack to where you want it. Pulling tighter will cause the shoulder straps to press harder against your chest for a tighter fit and straighter posture.

Loosening the load lifter straps lets the pack tip backward so more weight is carried on the hips. This will also make taking deep breaths easier. 

Adjust Sway Control Straps

The outside sway ­control straps on the belt allow you to adjust the amount of movement or float you will experience on your hips as they shift side to side while walking. Tighten the fit of the belt to decrease shifting, loosen to provide more relaxed articulation of your hips.

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