About Our Founders

Vladislav Moroz & Alexander Glushkovsky


On May 20, 2016, Vlad Moroz, co-founder of Red Fox joined the elite club of climbers who have stood on top of Mt. Everest (29,029' / 8,848 m). As with many climbers, the thought of climbing the highest mountain in the world is exciting, and for a few, it becomes more than a dream, it becomes a personal quest.

It was a long climb, beginning back in the 1980s.  In those years, Vlad Moroz and his climbing partner Alexander Glushkovsky did the best they could with the average gear available. That meant some cold climbs, with little comfort. The duo wanted more, and thus the idea of creating a company was born that would create high-tech clothing for climbers.

The idea was realized in 1989, when the company was created, and given the name Red Fox.  Back then it was a two-man operation. The first down jackets and backpacks Alexander and Vladislav created themselves - manually. They designed them, and they made them, all by hand.


With years of climbing experience, they clearly knew the needs of their friends and colleagues in the adventure community. So in those early days their Red Fox clothing and equipment began to enjoy great respect and popularity among outdoor enthusiasts.

In just 10 years, Red Fox came out on an international level and, since the 2000s, the company has become associated with many as a leading outdoor brand, and also as an organizer of major sporting events.

In 2003, the company first hosted the Red Fox Adventure Race, which is now part of the European series of multisport racing.  Then in 2008, Red Fox added a festival of winter extreme sports called the Red Fox Elbrus Race.  Now every year the Festival brings together the leading winter sport athletes from around the world.


Over the years, the company has achieved recognition from many of the leading manufacturers of high-quality materials, including Gore-Tex and Polartec.  Today Red Fox is a truly international company. Red Fox shops are spread across Europe, Asia and North America. You can find Red Fox in the Swiss Alps town of Pontresina, and in the heart of the great Himalaya - Kathmandu in Nepal.

In 2014 the company Red Fox celebrated its 25th anniversary.  After almost three decades, Vlad and Alexander’s desire to climb has not abated. When the opportunity to climb Everest opened up in 2015, Vlad jumped at the chance, but an earthquake in Nepal and the threat of avalanches from aftershocks forced the team to abandon the climb.

One year later (2016) Vlad returned with the 7 Summits Team and, with good weather, the entire team was able to summit.  Since creating Red Fox in 1989, Vlad and Alexander brought high quality gear and clothing to a global audience and they aren’t done yet.