5 Types of Backpacks You Should Have in Your Closet


            Having the right backpack for the activity you are about to embark on is as essential as having the right car or truck to get you there- you probably won’t use a sedan to pull a camping trailer, nor is a truck the optimal vehicle for zipping around downtown. Think of backpacks in the same manner. The backpack you take to work and carry your laptop in wouldn’t hold enough supplies for two days in the woods, nor is a large framed backpack nimble enough for the commute to the office. Smaller backpacks are built for running around town and packing light, while larger backpacks carry tons of stuff and are designed to shift the added weight from your shoulders to your hips and lighten the load. Each are purpose-built and there are many variants in-between. Let’s look at five types of backpack you should have in your closet to be prepared for any activity.



It’s the go-to backpack to carry all your needs to get through your day, whether it’s work or play. Sporting features such as a padded slot for a laptop- and plenty of pouches and compartments for your phone, tablet, chargers, and umbrella- these hold virtually anything of necessity. Daypacks also come in many sizes to accommodate storage needs and make a great carry-on that will fit under your seat on the plane.



            Cycling, exploring the city, or getting some fresh air on a new trail? A lightweight hiking backpack is perfect for trekking. Most accommodate a hydration pack to keep your thirst at bay and enough room for snacks, a pullover, and rain gear. Some have a small wire frame to help with weight distribution and hold everything in place while on the move for a few hours.



The title says it all. A backpacking backpack affords you enough room for an extend jaunt. Whether you are car camping with friends or spending a night or two in the backcountry, these have the room to pack some creature comforts such as a small tent and sleeping mat, while holding the necessities- like food and water. Built-in frames will transfer the weight off your shoulders to your hips, to lighten the load a bit while hoofing it to your destination. Integrated loops and straps will hold an ice pick and trekking poles, too!



            When you’re going vertical, this is what you need to hold your gear while being able to move unencumbered. These backpacks have padding for comfort, an adjustable frame- to fit your frame, a sleek compact design to avoid getting snagged on protrusions, and enough straps and looped fasteners to hold your rope, pick, and helmet for quick access. If scaling El Capitan or Frankenstein Cliff is your idea of fun, a climbing backpack is the right choice for a comfortable climb.



Large enough for any excursion and built tough as nails. An expedition backpack is something of a duffel hybrid that can be carried several ways- opposing end handles for a two-person lift; duffel-type carry handles, and, of course, shoulder straps to haul it as a backpack. For those extended stay trips when you need to pack heavy, an expedition duffel/ backpack will protect your belongings through the most rugged terrain.

As you see, there are many types of backpacks out there to fit your needs, and many variations of each type to choose from. If you’re heading out for an impromptu weekend to your favorite spot, or an afterwork run through the woods, having the backpack that fits the purpose will ensure your next excursion is enjoyable. Start your collection today!


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