Women's Merino Warm Baselayer Pants

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Color: Black
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Our ladies Merino Warm pants use a mid-weight, interlocked knit that is a bit heavier and loftier, so it adds insulation and a wider range of comfort. It's warmer when it's colder, and yet you still won't overheat when it get's hot because it breathes better than a denser Jersey knit fabric. A great base layer in any weather, from August rains to winter snowfall.

It gets better. It's soft, luxuriously soft. The tinier the fibers, the softer the feel. Ours are 18½ microns on average. Teeny Tiny.

Then you add wool's amazing ability to not overheat when it gets hot. Think of it as a next-to-skin micro climate regulator. And when you're hot enough to sweat, don't worry, wool's remarkable chemistry (lanolin) stops the stink before it starts.

It's not combustible, so it resists burning.


  • Relaxed fit
  • Flat seams
  • Odor Free chemistry - naturally anti-microbial
  • Supernatural next-to-skin climate control
  • Machine wash warm or cold
  • Tumble dry or drip dry

Tech Specs

  • Fabric: 100% Merino wool, 210 g/m2 (18.5 micron fibers)
  • Care: Machine wash warm or cold, tumble dry or hang.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I have been a loyal follower of one of the major wool clothing companies for 12+ years. Their design change (and complete elimination of their original design) didn't work out for me. I've done lots and lots of online research and a few trials to find a good replacement. This is it! 0% discomfort.
The fabric is not the softest wool ever, also not the roughest, and I don't find it itchy. It's not restrictive of movement anywhere. It's an unobtrusive, warm, not bulky base layer. The elastic is covered (unlike some brands) and is not crazy tight (unlike some others). There are no side seams! These pants are made with 3 total pieces of cloth -- 2 legs and the gusset. And the gusset! No crotch seams, no camel toe. The rise is mid -- not too high, not too low. The ankle opening is a standard 1" hem, loose.
Keep making these Red Fox! I'll sing your praises to everyone I know.

happy customer

I started wearing these long johns months after receiving them (it wasn't cold when I got'em). I swear I haven't taken them off since (well, except for showers and warmer winter days). I guess I should wash them soon, ha! It's been weeks now, of wearing these around the house, to sleep in, and under thick cords to walk and shop. They still have NO smell. Wearing wool (such as this item, the matching top, and Darn Tough socks) has utterly ruined my relationship with other materials. Wool is the most amazing temperature- and smell-manager EVER. I cannot believe it took me til I turned fifty to discover the upgrade in quality of life that is wearing wool (I had sweaters and coats, scarves and hats, just never had anything non-itchy for against the skin other than a little Calida undershirt I'm quite fond of). My other clothes and socks (mostly cotton) seem so less useful now. They get damp and smelly and just build up in the laundry. This seems so laughable now! Clearly, I must stock up on good merino. My sock transformation is going pretty well, just need more of these base layers ... and some pajamas. Wearing wool to bed has been a truly enlightening experience. Red Fox, PLEASE start making merino t-shirts, pajamas and nightshirts (a v-neck base layer would be great too)! Excellent merino wool like yours is THE ULTIMATE sleep option. I cannot believe how temperature-/smell-regulating it is. Full-on convert here. Now I just need the money to buy more ...

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