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When we talk about a Joint Venture at Red Fox we're not talking investment opportunities. Think in romantic terms instead; cuddling under the stars in the woods and hills on two mattresses made to be one.

In practical terms the Joint Venture is a sheet designed to hold two of our regular sized Basic Mats next to each other creating a 40-inch wide sleeping mat. There's a R-sided zipper around the perimeter to add a comforter on top. It's made to mate with a Yeti SR (or Arctic SR) with a L-sided zipper. You save weight and bulk by carrying only a single sleeping bag instead of two, plus the benefits of body heat.

Tech Specs

  • Size: 70" x 45"
  • Weight: 1 lb. 2 oz. (500 g)

Customer Reviews

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Christopher Lamson
Perfect double option!

The joint venture is a perfect way to turn the SR bag into a double bag. It's light weight, slotted for 2 pads and 2 pillows. Quality ykk zippers,easy to wash and well made over all. Been using the SR with the JV for winter temperatures (15°F to 30°F) keeping my large dogs and I warm and it works Awesome for us! No more cold dogs waking me up all night long; instead I now have trouble getting them to leave the tent🤣 Highly Recommended👍👍

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