Carabiner, twist auto-lock, KeyLock 2120n-12120

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A 3 ounce stamped aluminum carabiner with a twist auto-lock function and 24kN of strength give you confidence on the toughest pitch. This is a classic pear shaped, auto-locking-gate carabiner. Made with strong, heat treated aluminum, this little 'biner packs a punch, with a closed-gate strength of 24kN. The K-lock system provides maximum closed gate strength to give you the confidence you need on those tough pitches.



  • Twisting auto-lock gate
  • Solid, cold-worked Aluminum
  • One-hand operation
  • Key-Lock System

Tech Specs

Closed Gate Strength 24kN (5395 ft-lb) closed-gate-strength.png
Open Gate Strength 9 kN (2023 ft-lb) open-gate-strength.png
Minor Axis Strength 9 kN (2023 ft-lb) minor-axis-strength.png
Gate Opening 20 mm (.78") gate-opening.png
Weight 91 g (3.2 oz.) carabiner-weight.png
Dimensions 120/74 mm (4.72" / 2.9") dimensions.png

Customer Reviews

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James k
Great as always

We bought some for our technical rescue team and they work great

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