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If ever there was a time to take advantage of conditions for skiing it is now – February 2019 throughout most of North America. California is getting buried – ski resorts were closed because of too much snow. Colorado is humming along with all ski resorts open. Even resorts in the East have been getting dumped.  

If you can, go skiing tomorrow. If you’ve never learned how, it’s not as hard as you’ve heard. If you go to a small resort you can afford to try it without breaking your bank. Pretty soon, you’ll learn it is the epitome of fun. The more you do it, the better you get. The better you get the more you do it. It becomes a self-perpetuating circle of energy.

Once you’re hooked, the thrill of schussing down a mountain can become an obsession, not just for the speed but more for the need to spend time in the mountains, soaking in their beauty and magnificence. Who knows, you might get fanatical, even forsake chairlifts to climb the slopes you ride under your own power – proclaiming to the world that it’s even better when you “earn your turns.”  No need to get out of control though. Just learn how and go ride – on two sticks or one.

Here’s some gear that will help you stay warm and dry while flying through the snow.

Think in terms of layers for all snow sports – skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing.





Next to your skin you want Merino wool – it wicks sweat away keeping you warm and dry, and fights odor naturally.

Synthetic Insulation


On top of that you want a layer of insulation. Fleece jackets create insulating "dead space" and wick away excess moisture.

Down Insulation


Goose down jackets provide the ultimate insulation to hold in heat and keep cold away.

Storm Shell


When it snows and blows our storm jackets block wind, snow, and sleet.

Ski and Snowboard Clothing

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Good value for money

Fleece very warm. Runs small

Nice Fit

The are good in keeping your finger from froze bite. I like them

Merino Beanie

I never got my hat.


I have bad circulation in hands due to drugs I'm on the extreme mittens are great out ice fishing and walking dog on cold days.

Good hats!

I really like skull caps for daily wear and these are really nice. Not itchy, and durable so far. I wear them under my hard hat for work and welding. A little big but I don’t mind too much. I have a pretty small head for an adult male.