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Yeti SR Down Sleeping Bag


The Yeti SR is the perfect sleeping bag for summer car camping or couch surfing on the road. The Yeti SR (semi-rectangular) works like a deluxe outdoor comforter thanks to 700 fill power goose down combined with lots of leg room. Keep it zipped up to hold in all your...
Yeti -20 Down Sleeping Bag


Warm enough for mildly cold winter camping, and chilly autumn nights. The Yeti series of sleeping bags are designed for adventure, from wooded hills to the high country. With a well insulated mat underneath the Yeti -20 will keep you comfortable when outside temps are in the 20s (°F) with an...
Yeti -30 Down Sleeping Bag


Toasty down mummy bag for adventure in the dead of winter. Yeti sleeping bags are designed for winter mountaineering. Depending on how well you insulate underneath, the Yeti -30 will keep you warm and comfortable when the outside temps are in the teens (°F) and have an extreme temperature rating...
Yeti -40 Down Sleeping Bag


Winter camping alert! The Yeti -40 is made for mountaineers who don't balk when it gets cold, they respond with better gear. Our Yeti -40 has an extreme temperature rating of -40 degrees (C or F). When things get wild, as they often do in mountaineering, you can count on...

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