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Pro Mat Extreme


You can rely on Red Fox air mats for a warm, comfortable rest, without weighing you down on the trail. They pack down small too. It's thick enough to help you balance the comfort you're willing to carry on a long trip. The Pro Mat Extreme has two zones of...
Pro Mat


Shaped to reduce weight but keep the comfort. One of the great pleasures of the spending time outdoors is sleeping under the stars. The key to recharging yourself for the next days adventure is staying warm when you're ready to lay down for the night. And the key to that...
Basic Mat Large


You can rely on Red Fox Basic air mats for a warm, comfortable rest thanks to a light insulation inside. They pack down small too. Inside all our Basic Air Mats we use a synthetic, airy foam to eliminate convective heat loss, delivering over an inch (or more depending on...
Basic Mat


When you get down to the basics, sleep is essential and you want your sleep to be boringly simple: comfortable, warm, and no interruptions. The Basics. That's why we call it the Basic. Basically, there is no warmer air mat in our line. They're thick, especially the Extra Large size,...

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