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Sleeping Bags - Synthetic Insulation

Stay Warm when it's WET

When you know conditions will be cold and damp you probably want a sleeping bag with synthetic insulation.  Synthetics are inherently hydrophobic, so they won't absorb moisture or lose their loft.   

Besides maintaining loft when the humidity is high, synthetic insulators like OmniTherm® are less expensive and easier to maintain.

To increase the insulation of our synthetic sleeping bags we use shingled construction.

When properly oriented the shingles will loft up, or increase in overall thickness, when you pull the top up towards your neck.


Temperature Rating:

How thick the insulation is determines the temperature range. For most conditions you want to select a bag with a comfort range around the temperatures you expect. With good ground insulation most people will still be comfortable at the Tlimit rating wearing a light baselayer. Our extreme rating (Textreme) would only be useful if you wore extra layers inside the bag. YMMV.


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275 reviews
Excellent pants!

I'm an avid backpacker who backpacks in the USA and in other countries. I love these pants! They're moisture-wicking, lightweight and comfortable. They're also attractive. I can hike for the day, and then come back to the city I'm visiting and fit in with the business crowd. Very nice! These pants are of high-quality and keeps you cool in the summer. I highly recommend these pants!


Warm and comfortable baselayer. It could be used as a mid layer at cold temperatures. I really like the power stretch things. Regarding sizes, I am 6’0’’ and fit, I got L52 , it fits perfect

The price is so high. Bang for the buck! The price must come down to $70.00.

Great buy

Great durable bag

great pack

I bought this 3 years ago, it's been all over the world with me. Very happy with it! It's still looking pretty new after 3 years. The many compartments are very useful and convenient for finding your stuff. the hard back is great for carrying my laptop and external keyboard and there is separate pocket for them as well which helps the main compartment be more organized. The only downside is that the water bottle pockets on the side don't security hold a big water bottle, for me it would be better if they were taller, the strap above the pockets can lock in a taller water bottle but it doesn't work perfectly, sometimes the bottle falls out. Nevertheless very satisfied with this pack and recommend it.