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Makalu Backpacking Pack

from $218.50

When you're headed for a long trail you want our Makalu. It's made especially for extended trips with only a tent for a roof and room enough to carry all your essentials, food, and clothing for a decadent weekend or a spartan week. Chose your size, 65 liters for a 3-day...
Sandhill Ultralight Backpack

from $188.50

Lightweight packers arise, the Sandhill has arrived. It has all the room you need to carry a weekend on your back. As one of the lightest packs for its size, it does so without adding to the load. The key to the Sandhill performance is using our Air-Vent Wireframe suspension....
Women's Nanda Devi Backpack

from $188.50

When the trail you're headed down is many days long you need our Nanda Devi. It's made especially for ladies on extended trips with room to spare for carrying all your bed, shelter, kitchen, food, and clothing. Chose your size, 45 liters for a well planned week with the bare...
Summit 70L Mountaineering Pack


Headed for the high country where the views and hazards are high! You want a pack made to carry the load without adding to it, and able to withstand some abuse. The Summit 70 is built of Robic® a fabric which is not only lightweight but extremely resistant to tears...
Altitude 64


Think of it as a haul bag with a minimum of external attachments, but enough to make carrying it to a big wall a simple, comfortable affair. With 64 liters of carrying capacity, you fill the Altitude 64 wth a lot of essential gear and food. Features Molded back pad...

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