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Men's Merino Baselayer Pants


Our midweight Merino Warm pants use a thicker, interlocked knit that is slightly heavier and definitely loftier, so it adds insulation and a wider range of comfort. It's warmer when it's colder, and yet you still won't overheat when it get's hot because it breathes better than a denser Jersey knit...
Men's Merino Zip Baselayer Pullover

$76.50 $30.60

Lets start with the obvious. Wool is warm! And yet, paradoxically, it's cool when it's hot. It gets better. It's soft, luxuriously soft. The tinier the fibers, the softer the feel. Ours are 18½ microns on average. Teeny Tiny. Then you add wool's amazing ability to not overheat when it...

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