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Men's Merino Warm Baselayer Pullover

$76.50 from $65.03

Our Merino Warm quarter-zip pullover uses mid-weight Merino wool with an interlocking knit that increases loft, thus insulation, and has a wider range of comfort. It's warmer when it's colder, and yet you still won't overheat when it get's hot because it breathes better than a denser Jersey knit fabric....
Men's Merino Light Baselayer Shirt

$58.50 from $49.73

Our crew necked Merino Light pullover uses a 150 weight Merino wool that is "jersy knit" from ultra fine (17½ micron) fibers to create an incredibly soft hand with the paradoxical climate control properties of all-natural wool; it's warm when it's cold, even when wet, and cool when it's hot. It...
Men's Merino 50 Base Layer Top

$58.50 $49.73

For those with sensitive skin, our 2-ply Merino 50 comes with a polyester lining, yielding more insulation and faster wicking. The polyester is soft against even the most sensitive skin, and is hydrophobic to quickly wick away sweat. The Merino outer layer adds the paradoxical climate control properties of all-natural wool. Let's...

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