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What kind of pack you need depends where you're going, how you're getting there, how far you plan to go, and lots of other things. Which means you probably could use another one 'cuz the red one doesn't work for where you're going and the blue one is worn out. 

Red Fox makes packs for everyone everywhere, for hiking, climbing, mountaineering, skiing, backpacking, racing, school, work, picnics and flights back home or abroad, carry-on or expedition style. 

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234 reviews
Good value for money

Fleece very warm. Runs small

Nice Fit

The are good in keeping your finger from froze bite. I like them

Merino Beanie

I never got my hat.


I have bad circulation in hands due to drugs I'm on the extreme mittens are great out ice fishing and walking dog on cold days.

Good hats!

I really like skull caps for daily wear and these are really nice. Not itchy, and durable so far. I wear them under my hard hat for work and welding. A little big but I don’t mind too much. I have a pretty small head for an adult male.