The latest addition to Red Fox’s series of wire frame packs is the Racer 35 Wire. Think of it as a smaller version of Red Fox’s acclaimed Sandhill pack that uses a simple yet strong frame of spring steel with a mesh stretched tautly across it. 




Wire frame packs are becoming popular because they easily let sweat evaporate off your back so you don’t overheat while carrying the load. They also distribute the weight of the pack evenly, making it feel less heavy. What Red Fox does differently though is to use a tough spring steel frame that allows you to load up the pack without becoming damaged. Most wireframe packs have a weight limit because the wire frame is aluminum which can deform if the load is too high.

Beyond the benefits of a wireframe suspension, the Racer 35 Wire is a top loading pack with plenty of other features you’ll appreciate. There are stretchy side pockets for stashing poles or water bottles. For those who prefer a hydration bladder, there’s a sleeve inside the back with a hang loop and ports on either side. The shoulder straps use a firm molded foam for carrying comfort and there are small organizer pockets under the lid.  




If you’re careful in what you take you’ll find 35 liters is enough space for an overnight trip, and downright spacious for day trips where you need to be prepared for whatever comes your way. There are compression straps, ladder chains, tool loops and a big shove-it pocket on the front side. Perhaps most importantly – you can’t beat the price. 


Racer 35


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